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You Know

You see what’s done in secret
You know my every hurt
You were with me in that room
When no one spoke a word
You saw how his deceptions
Manipulated me
Twisting truth so hard and fast
His lies were all set free
No one even noticed how
I was fading fast
As I tried to live his lies
Each hurt more than the last
You know what he did to me
The things I cannot see
You hear the cry my heart makes
Wrenched with agony
Sometimes I wish I’d power
To know the things You know
So I could see the truth missed
From that long time ago
But then I realize that
With all there is a cost
A price to pay for knowing
All the mem’ries lost
How much it must pain You
To see Your children cry
To hear our gasps of anguish
And know the reasons why
To know that nothing can be done
To wipe our pasts away
That sometimes all that happens is
We cry another day
But You are here with Your love
You are reaching out
To offer peace beyond what
This world is all about
You do know every secret
And what was done to us
We can choose Your sweet relief
If we just give You trust
So Lord, I ask You every day
Please guard my heart and soul
Cover me with Your love for
It alone makes me whole

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