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Waiting for the Light

Sitting in the stillness
As black as black can be
Quiet reigns outside but
Inside, cacophony
Watching every minute
Change into the next
My clock keeps steady time
As I hurtle towards my death
Too many things left unsaid
Too many things I’ve done
Not even sure I want to stop
This train wreck that I’m on
This silent ache muffles
The depth of every sound
And yet my broken cries
Inside reverberate so loud
Decisions for tomorrow
Mix with echoes of today
Even if I survive now
This black inside will stay
No point in going on
It’s time to end this game
If not, my life continues
Indefinitely the same
One last check for anything
To hold onto tonight
I’m just so tired, I need a break
I’m waiting for the light
Looking for the place in life
Somewhere dreams are born
It feels a million miles away
But I just can’t ignore
The One in my life
Who stands with me
No matter what’s going on
He holds me, loves me, comforts me
Reminds me He’s God’s Son
How can I forget Jesus, my Lord
In my struggles every day
He is the hope I’m searching for
The peace that’s here to stay
I lose sight in the midst of pain
Look low but never high
Life with Jesus can change this game
I finally see the Light

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