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It happened to some other girl
Anyone but me
HER life was turned upside down
The rest is history
Now she’s the one in therapy
Trying to understand
Why her life was ripped apart
By another’s hand
Quite literally, as it turns out
His hands were touching her
And forcing her to do things that
She only sees as blurs
He touched her oh, so gently
With an unspoken need
His fingers long, their movement strong
With each betrayal’s deed
But then this girl, who isn’t me
Was hurt in other ways
Sexual gratification
Her body used each day
At least the days that HE was there
And they could be alone
He hunted her like some prized prey
Enticed her to his home
There her memories start to fade
The details disappear
What is left becomes a loss
Of all that she holds dear
His body pushed, her body screamed
Helplessly in tears she lay
As something in her tore
Her innocence, experience
Split apart in two
Her mem’ry shaky from then on
Just what did he do?
She can’t even talk about
The scenes she sees inside
She’s too embarrassed and dismayed
She burrows down to hide
“Just say the words” her mind screams
“It’s really not your fault”
But still she keeps them locked within
Tighter than a vault
So this girl, who’s still not me
Cringes from the truth
She’d rather say it’s all made-up
Than face her own abuse
I wonder if the day will come
When she can finally see
She bears no shame in what was done
Oh, God … that girl IS me

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