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To My God

Sometimes it’s easy to forget
What I’m talking about
Get lost in all the buzz words
That only tone truth down
So exact truth is hidden
I’m just another case
With the words “child sex abuse”
Stamped clearly on my face

If I choose to back away
And look at what is real
Will I get clarity of thought
For this is a big deal
That I’ve avoided long enough
It’s time to speak the truth
Say who I am from all he did
And who I am from You

He gave me a spirit of shame
With every single touch
My helpless body held by him
Could only take so much
I can’t begin to stress enough
How I was very small
This was about power, control
Not about sex at all
But sex was how he chose to give
Me all his twisted words
Leaving me so vulnerable
Naked, forlorn, and hurt

Then You did an amazing thing
Suggested I hear Your Word
Listen to all the love I’d find
You washed away my hurt
You are The Truth and Life and Way
For me to come be saved
Though I have a horrible past
You shower me with grace
Hold me close through every minute
Tell me I’m not alone
You’re my Father who gives me peace
Generously to own

I’m no longer naked, forlorn
Or hurt by anyone
His power over me was smashed
By You, triumphant God
The Bible says to lift our voice
In songs of praise and light
And turn to You, Giver of mercy,
With worship through the fight

I may always have some pieces
That say “child sex abuse”
But I pray the rest of them say
“Child of hope, child of You”

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