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It takes a little time sometimes
I’ve always heard it said
For Rome wasn’t built in a day
From dreams inside your head
But I do not have dreams in mine
At least not ones you want
Nightmares is the term that’s used or
Night terrors, either one
Words fail to show the horror I see
Every single night
I don’t talk about them much
Or how they’ve changed my life
But their presence is deeply felt
In every inch of me
I can’t help but wonder if
Without them I’d be free
I’m 46, still doing this
Still fighting the good fight
Still facing all my demons and
Walking towards The Light
A prickly voice inside me asks
What’s taking me so long?
Why is this so hard for me?
Why can’t I just move on?
A funny thing happens as
I self-hate again
I realize it is not my fault
The way my healing’s been
I never really took the time
To heal from inside out
So there were lots of parts of me
Lost in years of doubt
God will lead me on this path
Walking next to me
How much time will this quest take?
We’ll have to wait and see

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