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I want to scream
Or throw things
To hit back at this world
Today’s a day of reckoning
For a little girl
Who’s buried deep inside me
Lost somewhere within
It’s time to settle up now
To pay for all her sins
A wordless cry
Rips through the heart
Of once and future me
I’m ready for confession
I know what it will be
He slowly led
I blindly went
Obeying every word
Each touch a thunderclap
Too furtive to be heard
Innocence ripped away
One second at a time
For each eternity
I felt the fault was mine
I made a huge mistake
When I chose not to speak
When I chose to stay still
Afraid that he might leave
But what I struggled most with
And now must face again
There’s no escape
Time won’t forget
The fact that I loved him

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