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The Unknown

Staying one step away
From the turmoil within
Closing the door
On my emotions again
Shutting down
And pretending I’m fine
Wondering if anyone
Can see through the lie
Those burdensome feelings
That make up life
Leave me overwhelmed
Lead me to strife
But is that true
Or is it just in my head
Is it avoidance
That kills me instead
All of my focus
Is on keeping control
There’s endless pressure
For meeting that goal
But lately I’ve listened
To a still, small voice
With mercy and love
God gives me a choice
I can go on
Living life the same
Or I can refuse
To keep playing this game
If I trust Him
And the forgiveness He brings
He promises peace
Beyond understanding
Something that finally
Breaks the tight grip
The past has on me
But I must permit
Myself to be open
To failures and flaws
Feelings and fears
And face them all
May God give me strength

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