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The One

How do I take the first step on
The journey of my life?
I’m frozen with uncertainty
Fear of pain and strife
Hope of finding the right way
Leads to the only One
Who knows exactly where I’ll walk
And with me, He will come
God knows the questions I will ask
Before they are conceived
The hopes that I hold in my heart
Before they’re even dreamed
He is the only One Who can
Help me be content
Show me how the joys in life
Are truly Heaven-sent
I may not know the answers to
All questions in my mind
But with God’s help, I believe
That happiness, I’ll find
And on the day I answer for
The truth that I have lived
I will give thanks to God above
For everything He gives
Some people say there is no God
Or I’d have not been harmed
But I say God gave me a gift
And strength to take it far
A chance to help people who hurt
That’s now a dream of mine
So I thank God with ev’ry breath
For giving me this time
I may not always feel Him here
But I know He is
When I don’t know who I am
I know that I am His
When life leaves me beaten down
Needing an escape
God is my Hope through all
My Guide Who knows the Way
In the end, I know I must
Trust only in Him
For He’s the One Who Is, Will Be,
The One Who’s Always Been

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