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The Meeting

Praying for perfect silence
My heart to skip a beat
For somewhere deep inside me
To feel a sweet release
I’m tired of holding tightly
To pain that won’t let go
So tired of blackness being
The color I most know
If I could just find a way
To set my spirit free
And dance in true abandonment
Would I feel relief
Or would I still be burdened
By worries that I have
Anxieties within me
Panic my heart jumps at
Is there a way to turn the tide
Or do I just admit
The battle is relentless
A war that has no end
Somewhere out there is beauty
A gentleness to feel
A love more than I’ve come across
And strength for me to heal
But as I search deep and wide
Looking for the Source
I find the Truth facing me
From a place so close
A Guiding Light to help me
Find my Way to peace
A tender hand to steady me
Someone Who always sees
My God, He reaches out to me
With love I can’t deny
He promises to be with me
Always by my side
So I go on, not knowing
If I’ll learn how to breathe
But trusting my Instructor
Whom I meet on my knees

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