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The Light

I fell down the rabbit hole
Just like Alice did
Trying to find which way was up
Confused me so I hid
From everything and everyone
I built myself a wall
Protecting me from anything
That might cause me to fall
Further down, without a map
So easy to get lost
Finding my way out of here
Was just a hopeless cause
I’m backed into a corner
With a wall protecting me
It keeps me safe from moving
But makes it hard to breathe
I know that I can’t stay here
Sheltered by the bricks
I know I have to venture out
This safety’s just a trick
But I am scared of everything
That lingers in my mind
Most of all I’m terrified
Of what I just might find
If I come out, leave the walls,
The rabbit hole behind
I need to pray, take deep breaths
And walk into the Light
The only thing I’ve learned in this
Crazy, messed-up fight
Is if I truly want to heal
God alone can make it right
Jesus knows my suffering
He daily walks with me
When I am overwhelmed with pain
He helps my heart to see
He’s with me through all minutes
And circumstances, too
I keep healing with His love
And it is here for you
In the end, the only way
Around abuse is through
So rest your struggles on the Lord
And see what He can do

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