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The Best

There is peace; can it be mine?
Love deep as it is wide
That calms the anger, hurt in me
And fills the holes inside
A gentle grace embraces me
I feel myself relax
The harshness of reality
Slips into the past
I know that I have suffered much
That doesn’t go away
I know this war hasn’t stopped
I’ll fight again one day
But for right now, the edges blur
As time ceases to move
No battle raging on inside
No therapy to do
I’d giggle and skip ‘round the room
But I just want to rest
Of every moment since abuse
This one is the best
I savor all the silence
That softly hugs my soul
And tells the worn out parts of me
It’s okay to let go
God is watching over me
He’ll never leave my side
He knows every bit of me
I never need to hide
He will hold me close to Him
Until this war does end
And my heart sings in tranquil tones
As joy fills it again

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