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The Aftermath

You said it didn’t happen
My memories were wrong
But knowledge proved my point because
My innocence was gone
I never read a romance book
Or watched a risque show
But I could tell you top on down
How a seduction goes
Where did I get my know-how
If not from my own past
The only thing I didn’t learn?
The softness touch can have
That lesson took my husband
Gently teaching me
Showing me a whole new world
As tender as can be
So I believe I told the truth
He did just what I said
His actions caused results in me
Like I wished I was dead
All through those years, I hurt so much
Did no one even care?
The years went by so slowly
My pain was always there
No matter what, no out was there
For nightmares straight from hell
No escape to end those days
Because I couldn’t tell
No one rides to rescue
If they don’t know I need help
No one swoops in to save the day
When I’ve hidden myself
No one believes there’s something bad
If I don’t use my voice
And maybe no one understands
I didn’t have a choice
Now I do; I stand up tall
And speak, not just for me
But for people trapped in so much hurt
They just want to be free
God cares
God’s real
God listens
God heals

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