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She Didn't Know

She didn’t ask what was to come
When led to his bedroom
She didn’t see his strategy
Or the impending doom
Her open eyes might have been shut
When it came to him
But never could she have guessed
What he was going to win
A prize for which he was to wait
Move slowly, bide his time
Until the day that he moved in
And stole something so prime
She didn’t know that it was there
‘Til after it was gone
Didn’t know what he was doing
Or that it was so wrong
It felt safe and good besides
Protective of her heart
Tender, full of warmth and love
At least it did to start
A tiny ripple in her life
Turned tidal wave so fast
Warm and gentle turned to hard
Desire laid bare at last
So he finally got his prize
The soul of that small girl
He became her first always
Her choice just ripped from her
She was forced into a life
She didn’t want to live
She didn’t know there’d be so much
That she had to give
For all her life, she’d mourn that loss
And struggle with her faith
Wondering how a true believer
Could ever act that way
But God stayed with her through the years
Helped process what was real
He’s with her through her struggles now,
He’ll help me finally heal

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