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I close my eyes and hear
You violate my mind
With a single-mindedness I can’t explain
As calm gives way to fear
You force your way inside
And my strength to hold on tight begins to fade
You say things I can’t repeat
I’m too ashamed to share
As your words crescendo into roaring noise
I am lost, afraid to see
It’s more than I can bear
The only sound I hear is my own voice
You have a name – it’s self-hate –
And I know where you’re from
You were fabricated in another time
Life today is not the same
Because I know Someone
Whose faithfulness has led Him to be mine
I am His because He knows
The plans He has for me
To prosper, not to harm, for all my days
Deep inside of me He shows
The love I need to see
And holds me close as I learn all His ways
Yet here you are, so deafening
You want to dominate
I don’t know how to turn the volume down
But you don’t own my thinking
Your desire is too late
You can’t control what my life is about
I will survive, I know this truth
Though I can’t see the future
My Lord has promised me eternal lif
Although my days may not be smooth
One thing I know for sure
There will be a conclusion to this strife

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