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I was a child
You captured my soul
Starred in my dreams
Love made me whole

What I thought was love
Was indifference at best
Your selfish desires
Destroyed all the rest

Innocence shattered
Bleeding from cuts
You wanted more
I didn’t know what

Control and power
Things I didn’t possess
You played with my trust
Somehow gained all the rest

Leaving me broken
Naked and used
Struggling to live in
A world I didn’t choose

Freed from the presence
Of your “gift” of touch
I set my own sights
On accomplishing much

To excel in all things
Was my basic goal
But it was a prelude
To attaining control

I thought I could take back
What you stole from me
If I controlled everything
I’d finally be free

But control was an illusion
That toyed with my heart
Made me think all was well
When I was falling apart

It took years of searching
But at last I see
There’s only one Way
For me to find peace

I can’t change my past
Or the history I have
But my Lord Jesus Christ
Can act as a salve

Lovingly healing
All my bleeding sores
He takes all my pain
And is ready for more

My Lord and my Savior
How merciful is He
He saw me in darkness
And reached down to save me

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