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My heart beats frantically in my chest
Deafening, then deadening my soul
It pounds thunderously with every pulse
As I fully lose hope and control
"I was raped" echoes loudly in my mind
Leaving me all shaky and aghast
I don't know what to do or what to say
Now facing awful truths from my past
My body! I was just a little girl
Overwhelmed by all that went on
Confused when he pulled off my underwear
My sense of safe haven wasgone
My world has changed, my heart is going wild
Thumping a million beats with every breath
As I relive the fear I went through then
And softly I grieve my virtue's death
"Damaged goods" rings out in my head
I close my eyes and long to disappear
My entire world is now upside down with
The loss of everything I once held dear
I curl up as small as I can be
Trying to focus on each breath I take
I don't know how I'm going to survive this
I pray for nothingness for peace's sake

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