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My Story

I stumbled and fell down today
Crashed somewhere deep inside
When did I lose myself
In this darkness that I fight
The single thought engulfing me
Is I must suffer now
I only care that I get hurt
It doesn’t matter how
Images flash through my mind
A plan begins to shape
I know if I can’t end my thoughts
Then I will not be safe
Sadly, though, my mind won’t stop
Its one-sided descent
And time has shown that words don’t help
No matter how well-meant
I need a break from darkness
Some time to salve my soul
But I can’t shut this flooding down
Til I give up control
It takes all of my power
To not act on my plans
If I let go, what will result
Who knows where I will stand
But if I don’t, I know this truth
On this path I will die
I can’t hold control forever
Such great strength is not mine
I know Who it belongs to, though
Someone Who gives me peace
In the middle of the darkness
God gives me sweet relief
Somehow a chance to get rest
And maybe sleep the night
Tomorrow this will still be here
The story of my life

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