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My Humble Prayer

Somebody tried to tell me
You're preaching to yourself
You're living with the truth
That you harmed someone else
And the knowledge of that fact
Might tear you up inside
As you struggle in a world
That isn't black and white
I think I understand
But I'm not sure I agree
That what you did messed you up
As much as it did me
I'm trying a fresh perspective, though,
Where you are human, too
Not some flawless being
But this vantage point is new
All throughout my life
You've been the golden one
Even I accepted it
Despite the damage done
But I'm finding there's a problem
With my new, enlightened state
It's hard to see the good parts now
I've gone the other way
Insidious and black
Are the best words to describe
What you did and who you were
Way down deep inside
But that is in the past
Maybe now not who you are
You could be just the same
Or you might have come quite far
So are you torn up inside
Wracked with waves of guilt?
Does the truth leave you trembling
On the house of cards you've built?
Are you mostly good or mostly bad
Or somewhere in between?
And when you preach God's words
Are they something that you mean?
I know I have to come to terms
With what you did to me
Who you are inside
Won't change that reality
I'll never get the answers
I really want to know
Never know the why
Or how could you hurt me so
So you do you and I'll do me

This is my humble prayer
You'll reach a place and feel remorse
I'll forgive you there

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