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I can’t begin to understand
Or simply start to see
How he deserves a love from You
Just like Your love for me
I think of all he did to me
The pain he put me through
How can his worth compare to mine
When looked at hard by You?
I still struggle to believe
He’s to blame, not I
I look at moments from the past
And with each one, I try
I want to know just what went wrong
On his part or on mine
I hope I can explain it all
With answers that I find
The problem is as I draw close
To laying blame on him
An awareness is growing fast
That you forgive his sins
And that leads to the hardest fact
I have ever heard
You will forgive anything
It says so in Your Word
So right away, as I cast blame
On him instead of me
I see how Jesus takes us in
As is, without one plea
But look at what he did to me!
I was just a child
He took control, abused it,
Made me want to die
How can You still love him, Lord,
After all of that?
He clearly sinned against You
But there’s more than that one fact
He’s a beloved child of Yours
I must make my peace
Created in Your image, Lord
Loved so easily
I may struggle knowing how
To feel or what to do
But You, my Lord, are always sure
Love is the final Truth

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