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Did it begin when you first saw my eyes
And held my hand up to your chest?
Was it my clothes that drew your attention
And led magnet-like to the rest?
Flowering layers of cotton cascade
Leaving hints of shy damsel in pink
You were prepared (innocence beware)
All set up before I could think
Golden boy outside, sly hunter within
Your mind knew what turned you on
Did I say something, do something
Somehow stumble my way into all hope being gone?
You carefully plucked me, from the few – one
And skated your way to my heart
Me not knowing I was being groomed
Too powerless to stop your start
So onward we moved, hands clasped together
As onlookers smiled, we went round
No matter the witnesses, no one could see
That I had already drowned
How fearless you were, confident in all,
You played a charade everywhere
For everyone else, except in your room,
Where I and the truth lay bare
What do you want from me, why can’t you get it
And leave me the hell alone
Blistering welts cause my spirit to scream
As I long to find my way home
How long did you want me before I was yours?
How long will you want me now?
Is there life after death here in this grave?
I need faith, but I am fresh out

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