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Hope (For A Quiet Place)

Depression feeds on silence
No one dares to say
If somehow they were found out
They could be locked away
Honesty is critical
But can the truth be said?
How would people take it if
One wanted to be dead
Bustling around, hurrying
“We’ve got to get you help!”
Eyes wide open, ears closed shut
For fear of something else
Never wanting to know more
Our friends and family flee
Too much pain and too much dread
Too much anxiety
Leaving us truly alone
Filled with despair and doubt
Helplessly chained up inside
With no chance to get out
On and on the cycle goes
Suffocating hope
Squeezing out the life in us
So that we never grow
We stay trapped in a dark land
Reliving our nightmares
Dreaming of a brighter day
With all past deeds laid bare
Examining what happened
May give us some relief
And take us to a quiet place
Where we at last find peace

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