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Stop it! Stop! What the fuck is going on?!?
I didn't say that this would be okay
You're pushing and hurting me, my body feels all wrong
Oh, my God, why did I choose to stay
You're on me, breathing hard, your body's a dead weight
Trapping me, yet linking us somehow
Time crawls to a stop as my dignity you take
Moving with such urgency right now
Damn it! Stop it! I did not say yes
To whatever the hell it is you've just done
In your room, by myself, I was your willing guest
But to be toyed with, in this game for one?!?
How can you think that I'm okay with this?!?
I wept softly while you were on top
Don't you think it's possible there were cues you missed
That told you that I wanted you to stop
If you ignored on purpose the pain you saw me in
The pain your body shoved in mine just caused
You deserve hell fire rained down for your sin
Your life for the innocence I lost
Were you tempted by the devil, telling you to hurt me
Oh, but I know that's not how you think
The devil is the source but we live by our own needs
Our own desires take us to the brink
Why the hell did your desire decide I am fair game
That hurting me won't violate your faith
But you violated ME, isn't that the same
Virtue lost by poor defenseless waif
If I had my voice, if I could finally talk
I'd scream bloody hell until help came
Then to get away from you, I'd run hard - never walk -
Telling the whole world you are to blame
Storms are coming now, feelings pouring down
But I can't fight through this hell once again
So I'm boarding up my heart, though I'm not sure how
It's time for this maddening show to end

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