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Falling Off A Cliff

Staring into empty space
Wishing I had more might
To smooth out this jagged place
To dig down deep and fight
The voices in my head
Are screaming louder than before
I just want to be dead
I can’t do this anymore
More flashbacks lead me much astray
Leave my psyche raw
They take my breath away
Pushing hope and strength so far
If I could only peel my skin
And scrub this pain away
To never feel this way again
Would be a glorious day
But reality hurts and this is true
I need a place to hide
From this agony that floods me through
And drowns me from inside
Somewhere still I know that God
Is with me all the time
But right now I feel alone
Trapped in the black of night
I hear a whisper in the dark
Someone begging for help
It takes a minute, then I see
The whisperer is myself
On my knees, I’m reaching up
For God’s forever love
Knowing what He gives to me
Will always be enough
I close my eyes and softly pray
For peace past understanding
Knowing it’s the biggest piece
Of God’s gentle healing
Now I wait, try holding on
One second at a time
I pray God gives me strength
If not, then I will die

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