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Everything inside of me
Is dying to give up
To shut this fool’s journey down
I’ve finally had enough
I’ve given it all I had
And put myself through hell
Re-living such tortured times
To at last be well
I thought there was no choice here
To get well I must go through
Now I’m not sure getting well
Is something I must do
I know I made some progress
Traveling on that path
Maybe I’ve come far enough
And gained what I once lacked
I know why I hurt myself
And that was my real goal
Maybe that is all I need
To put despair on hold
As far as feeling shame goes
It’s not my fault, I know
I know I need to blame him
On that I run hot/cold
I acknowledge that he hurt me
Everything starts there
By holding him responsible
His actions are laid bare
I’m tired of going through the steps
Just to say I won
Maybe God is showing me
That it is finally done

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