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"I am bad."
There, I said it
No hiding with fancy words
It all means the same
I am to blame
And that should be understood
I'm amazed I don't crack
And scream it out loud
The truth as my heart believes
In my mind I yell
Rage against this hell
That keeps me from being free
I'm still that small girl
Trapped in a world
Where I didn't choose to be
I need to hit back
Say I didn't ask
For this to happen to me
But once it began
I don't understand
Why I never asked for help
I made some mistakes
They gave birth to my shame
And now I can't find the way out
There's no going back
I can't change the facts
Somehow I must change my thoughts
I would do it now
But I don't know how
To feel the things that I ought
I thought every time
That the fault was mine
When he touched me that my soul changed
Blameless before
Guilty evermore
Convicted by self every day

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