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I almost told someone today
What you did to me
But I choked on the words to speak
So I just let it be
What words can I use to paint
The truth of what you did
That capture all the years of hurt
And reasons why I hid
I thought that I was past this part
Not knowing what to say
Letting fear and waves of shame
Always get in the way
I can recite my lessons learned
There’s nothing left to fear
The shame’s on you, not on me
Both facts I’ve learned this year
But that’s in my head, not my heart
My heart just isn’t sure
I guess it takes repeated tries
For new truths to endure
I trust that someday it will change
And you won’t make me cry
I won’t be scared to voice the truth
I know that I will try
When that day comes – I’m praying soon
I’ll be stronger than you
I’ll face my demons and my pain
While walking bravely through

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