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It happened once again tonight
Mem’ries got in the way
Turning the clock back to dark times
Leading my heart astray
Reminding me of days gone by
When life was bleak and cold
Filled with acts unspeakable and
Silent – no one told
Why does this terror taunt me now
When I’m no longer there?
I long for moments of reprieve
With all my hurt laid bare
Desperate now, I cry out loud
For healing waves to come
Then curled inside my spirit hides
Waits anxious for the One
Minutes pass – could it be hours? –
Until my breathing stills
As I remember once again
That this is not God’s will
God doesn’t want His children
To suffer pain and fear
He wants His peace to shelter us
His love to end all tears
He knows the haunting from our past
Could easily devour
But we emerge victorious
Through God’s saving power
He alone is strong enough
To mend our aching hearts
To wrap us in His warmth and light
Before we fall apart
Before we’re final victims of
A past we didn’t choose
Reaching out from back in time
We’ve so much still to lose
God was, and is, will always be
The Wings on which we soar
The only Path for healing
And freedom evermore

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